Philadelphia Birth Injury Attorney Part of a Family’s Journey with CP


In Their Own Words

When they became one year, was when the diagnosis of cerebral palsy started filtering in
Jane and Mike Walker*

As an established Philadelphia birth injury firm, we vigorously pursue financial assistance for clients who face the many challenges of life with a special needs child. Over the years, we’ve shared this journey with the Walker family. Their story vividly reflects the daily struggles of a family with children who were injured at birth. In their case, children born with cerebral palsy.



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Philadelphia Birth Injury Attorney Part of a Family’s Journey with CP

The Walker’s life changed in a heartbeat. The four healthy babies they were expecting arrived prematurely and a doctor’s preventable mistake left each one of them with severe birth injuries. Through 9 year of ups and downs, their mother, Jane, along with her husband, Mike, watched the girls battle through the many different challenges presented by their cerebral palsy.

“They introduced all these risks that our children could be facing,” recalls Jane, about the early moments in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. “Blindness, cerebral palsy, cognitive, other learning issues; they covered the whole gamut.”

It wasn’t until after the girls’ first full year of life, with numerous trips to doctors, therapists and other health professionals behind them, did the family truly begin to grasp what their lives would entail given the physical and cognitive issues of the quadruplets. The family wondered what would become of their little girls, especially after Mom and Dad passed away.

Soon after Emily, Natalie, Mary and Heather celebrated their first birthday, the challenge of what they would face through their lifetimes became more clear: “When they became one year, was when the diagnosis of cerebral palsy started filtering in,” said Jane.

Today, the girls are all very unique, each dealing in their own way with the disabilities caused by a doctor’s devastating mistake. Emily often uses a cane to get around the playground, as other children run by, while one of her sisters, Heather, gets around pretty well, her mother says, but struggles in the classroom more than Emily with cognitive issues.

If you have not watched the video posted on our website, please take a few minutes to see and hear what this family has gone through because of a doctor’s preventable mistake.  It’s been, and will be, a long road for the Walker family. That is why, as a Philadelphia birth injury attorney, I strive to help my clients protect their family’s financial future through the long, difficult and uncertain journey that can result from medical mistakes.

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