Philadelphia Birth Injury Attorney Understands a Grandmother’s Anger

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In Their Own Words

I want to thank him for what he did because I am so grateful, you can’t imagine how grateful I am for what he has done for Cody. From the bottom of my heart I have never seen the man but I love him for what he has done.”
Cody’s Grandmother*

Philadelphia Birth Injury Attorney Understands a Grandmother’s Anger

There are many times as a parent that we become angry. Sometimes it’s small things that quickly pass and other times, as a Grandmother of one of my clients found, it’s life altering events that fuel the anger. Sometimes, however, the anger we feel can and does lead to good things.

Cody’s Grandmother spent a lot of time helping to care for her grandson after he was born and knew there was something seriously wrong with him. “I noticed he was not developing right and something was definitely wrong and nobody was coming forward to say what it was. No matter how many doctor’s appointments he had with his pediatricians, they never mentioned that there was anything wrong with Cody. And, I am not a doctor, but I noticed that there was something wrong because Cody’s head always went to one side and, when I would watch him, no matter what I did to prop his head straight – I’d put a blanket there sometimes – right away his head would slant back to that side, and he would always lay with his hands crunched up. And to get him dressed, it takes you an hour to just get a T shirt on him because you had to pull his arms in order to get clothes on to him. All of this made me angry.”

Cody’s parents were facing a lifetime of medical and specialized educational expenses and didn’t know where to turn. Eventually, Cody was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but no one would explain how or why it happened. Ultimately, his Grandmother’s anger and frustration over Cody’s condition led Cody’s parents to my firm, Villari, Brandes, & Giannone for answers and help. Grandmom just wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to Cody. She wanted answers!

Our firm routinely handles complex birth injury cases and understands the anger and frustration that accompanies a cerebral palsy diagnosis, especially when the cause is a preventable medical error. We conducted a thorough investigation of Cody’s medical care and consulted experienced obstetricians, neonatologists, and other medical experts. The experts advised us that Cody had suffered preventable oxygen deprivation injury to his brain during his birth. Had it not happened, he would be normal.

We pursued a claim on behalf of Cody and his parents. The recovery our firm obtained for them provided tens of millions of dollars for Cody’s needs over his lifetime. Thanks to Cody’s Grandmother and her anger over her Grandson’s condition, Cody’s life changed dramatically for the better. Cody and his parents were able to find the answers and help they needed from an experienced Philadelphia birth injury attorney.


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