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Causes of Truck Accidents

Crashes can happen through no fault of your own

Why do truck accidents happen? This is a question people often ask us at Villari, Brandes & Giannone, P.C. in Philadelphia. That's because we have years of experience handling such complicated cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We know why accidents happen. And we know what needs to be done to build a strong legal case. That's why we're proud of our case results when it comes to obtaining settlements or verdicts for victims of commercial truck accidents.

Don't underestimate the complexity of your commercial truck accident. What might seem like a straightforward case often turns out to be much more complicated than many people expect. That's why we're eager to discuss the details of your case with you.

Common causes

There are many reasons why accidents occur involving commercial trucks. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Distracted truck drivers - even though drivers with a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) are banned from texting while driving nationwide, some still do this while driving. Also, some trucks have communication systems that can distract the driver's attention from the road.
  • Inattentive truck drivers - truck drivers are required to check their mirrors or around their truck before turning or starting from a stop, or they can strike a nearby vehicle or pedestrian.
  • Tired truck driver - many drivers ignore Hours of Service (HOS) rules designed to limit the number of house truckers drive each day.
  • Speeding truck driver - truckers who drive too fast sometimes can't slow down in time to avoid an accident.
  • Overloaded truck - strict weight limits exist for trucks, and if the trailer in a tractor-trailer is overloaded, accidents can easily occur.
  • Improperly loaded truck - the contents of a truck needs to be properly loaded and safely secured, or an accident can easily occur.
  • Poorly maintained truck - truck drivers and trucking companies have a responsibility to make sure trucks are in proper working order, including the brakes and engine.
  • Inexperienced truck drivers - safely operating a large, commercial truck takes a tremendous amount of skill and training.

Whatever the circumstances of your truck accident, no matter how straightforward or complicated your accident might seem, we can help you every step of the way.

We fight for you

You need a lawyer on your side who's not intimidated by trucking companies, insurance companies, their attorneys or anyone else who stands in your way for justice. None of those people bother us. That's because we know how the legal system works and what it takes to win such complicated cases.

In order to obtain a settlement or verdict for your truck accident, we will need to find strong evidence to support your claim. We know how to find the facts you need to build a strong case. And if they refuse to cooperate, we're prepared to take the insurance company or trucking company to court.

We know what's at stake in such complicated cases - your health, your financial well-being and your peace of mind. Find out how we can help you. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation today.

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