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Parking Lot Accidents and Injuries Spike During The Holidays

A Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Discusses the Dangers Parking lots may seem tame, but they are frequently the site of bad car accidents — especially around the holidays. In fact, car insurance companies say that claims start to spike on Black Friday and continue throughout the holiday season. Each year, tens of thousands of car...

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Bringing Headlights Into the 21st Century

With all of the advances in motor vehicle safety, it is hard to believe no one was paying attention to headlights. Federal government standards for headlights, for instance, have remained essentially the same as they were in 1968. Then, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) called attention to the issue. In 2016, IIHS began...

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Facial Injuries Are Common in Serious Car Accidents

Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers explain Car accidents often cause painful and serious injuries. Some of the most common – and most severe – types of injuries people suffer in motor vehicle accidents are facial injuries, according to a medical study conducted by surgeons and doctors in Philadelphia. “Facial trauma was the single most common...

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Hit-and-Runs Becoming an Epidemic in Philly

A Philadelphia car accident lawyer explains In Philadelphia, hit-and-run accidents are an epidemic. About 1 in 4 crashes in Philadelphia are a hit-and-run, according to ABC6. On average, more than 16,000 fail-to-stay crashes happen in the city each year. Pedestrian accidents are too often fatal, and hit-and-run crashes account for about 20% of pedestrian deaths...

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Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Pennsylvania

A recent fatal motorcycle accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike serves as a powerful reminder of the risks riders face every day on the road. That’s why it’s important for motorcyclists to understand why accidents happen and what they can do to stay safe and protect their rights. According to TPM News and The Associated Press,...

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Fatal Philadelphia crash highlights the risks bicyclists face

Bicycles are popular in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania, but cars and bicycles don’t always share the road well. Bicyclists are at risk on city streets and have very little protection in a crash with cars, trucks, or other motor vehicles. It only takes one negligent or inattentive driver to cause a bicycle accident that results...

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Our roads need safe, responsible truckers

When you drive a heavy truck, safety must come first This year, Allentown trucker Don Cook celebrated an almost impossible milestone: 4 million miles driven in nearly 5 decades as a trucker, without so much as a minor accident. Cook, 79, attributes his incredible driving record to his eyes, reflexes, skill, and patience. “You have...

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Water safety tips for a safe summer

As summer approaches and the weather heats up, many people are ready to get back out on the water or hit the pool. It's hard to think about safety when you're having fun, but every year more than 3,500 people drown to death in the United States. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related...

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Distracted drivers endanger other road users and passengers, despite passenger complaints

These days, it takes a significant amount of willpower for drivers to avoid picking up their cellphones. Digital handheld devices offer a wide range of convenience — from making phone calls to browsing social media. Responsible drivers can wait until they get to their destinations before checking their notifications. Other drivers can't seem to resist...

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